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    Cheryl Ernst Wells is a musician, artist, writer and designer. Known for her work with Jimmy Rowles, and her song writing for Diana Ross. Read More

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    Learn more about all of the writing of Cheryl Ernst Wells including her novels and articles. Read More

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    From writing to music to her traveling, read more from Cheryl Ernst Wells here! Read More

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Article: "Jimmy Rowles: Looking Back"

Last week I happened to be listening to a Jimmy Rowles album he recorded with his daughter Stacy in 1988. One of the most interesting tracks on the CD is the moody waltz-time ballad LOOKING BACK, a tune Rowles wrote in the 1960s. Over time, Rowles recorded Looking Back five times—once as an instrumental duet with Ray Brown and three other times with vocalists Carol Sloane, Stacy Rowles and Jeri Brown. Jimmy also recorded it while singing and accompanying himself. Curious about the folk-tinged lyrics written by Cheryl Ernst. To read the full story, click here.

Article: "The Bones Howe Sessions (Released 2002)"

March 26, 2002 marked Diana Ross’s 58th birthday, but it was her legions of fans that received an amazing birthday gift. Motown finally re-released her 1970 debut album, Diana Ross, which had been out-of-print for some time; better yet, the CD came loaded with eight bonus tracks, including live performances, alternate vocals takes, and — best of all – a batch of tracks from the vaults. Those tracks were produced by Bones Howe, and had apparently been recorded as possibilities for Miss Ross’s debut album as a solo artist. Her former manager Shelly Burger is quoted in the liner notes of that re-release: “I had known Bones for a while and he was very hot at the time, particularly with the Fifth Dimension. The thought was we should go outside the company to do something completely different for Diana’s first album.”
Read more about "THE INTERIM" here!

Article: "Betty Boop Musical Score"

In the early nineties Jimmy Rowles introduced Cheryl to jazz saxophonist, Benny Wallace. Benny was working with Bones Howe on an MGM project making an updated Betty Boop animated feature. Cheryl was called in as the lyricist. After months of work on the project it was scrapped due to studio head changes and licensing rights disagreements with the Fleischer representatives.

In the new millennium Cheryl continues to collaborate with Brian Atkinson on new music. John Rosenberg and Cheryl are working on a musical based on the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911. Cheryl has written three novels of fiction and a number of short stories and travel journals as well as works as a painter.

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