September Museum Trip to London and Amsterdam

For two consecutive years I had booked and then canceled trips to Europe due to back problems. After a lot of physical therapy, shots and medication, Paul and I were finally able to go this September. You’ve heard the expression ‘ your eyes were too big for your stomach’?  Our travel plans were too big for our physical abilities. Initially we wanted to rent cars in both England and the Netherlands and tour the countryside. It soon became apparent that we had just enough energy to visit the museums in each country and little else. As it turns out it was hardly a sacrifice.

The following journal describes our visits to 9 museums, two cathedrals and two synagogues in two of the worlds most interesting and welcoming cities.

September 10

Arrived London Heathrow airport 11:00 a.m.. I was put in a wheelchair at the plane and wheeled the one mile to baggage claim by 60 something, Mr. Bradshaw who was determined to see Paul and I set right on transportation into London. Took a shuttle right to our hotel door in Bloomsbury. The Mercure Bloomsbury is a French owned chain. Chilly but efficient reception. Paul and I went straight to bed for a few hours to recover from an exceptionally uncomfortable and bumpy flight over. When I booked the room I told them I was mildly disabled. They gave us a room fitted for someone in a wheelchair. The shower was an open area of the bathroom, a slip hazard after showering, and the tiny sink and mirror were very low. Freshened up and went across Southhampton Row to Anatol, a Turkish restaurant. The interior was hand painted top to bottom in beautiful, colorful Turkish designs. The service was very friendly and the food was delicious. I had a lamb moussakka and Paul had a lamb stew with peppers and tomatoes. A gratis plate of appetizers; black olives, peppers and carrots, a basket of good bread and a few slices of watermelon on the house to finish, all at a reasonable price. Back to bed.

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