London And Amsterdam 2013

September 25

All day on trains. ¬†Almost missed our connection in Brussels to the Eurostar back to London. Had to make a long, fast dash to the car up front and hurt my leg/knee. While the channel train is a marvel of engineering, they didn’t make them very comfortable. No room to stretch an already aching knee and the seats are much too upright. Arrived in the early evening at St. Pancras Station and took a taxi to Hotel Cardiff , a block from Paddington Station. The hotel is greatly misrepresented on the booking site. Dumpy! Tiny little rooms, even tinier bathroom and dreadful beds. Our room is on the ground floor, no elevator, and the window overlooks the street. Noise from the pubs near Paddington a block away went on into the wee hours.We were too tired to try and find another room. One more day and we’re headed home so we can tough it out.

Some photos for visual interest.   bakery:amsterdamcherie@amsterdam bakeryHere I am at our favorite Amsterdam bakery. First 2013 second 2009.



Photos of Amsterdam and British Museum.

Amsterdam: Vondel park2amsterdam dutch iris'amsterdam houseboatsamsterdam:leidesplein2british museum interiorBM:mummyBM:asyrian wall paintingBM:asyrian camel driverBM:lion attack wall friezeBM: royal headdress





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