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WEBS Chapter Five ‘Downtown’

DOWNTOWN      People say you can tell when an earthquake is coming by the weather or the strange behavior of animals. It’s little more than superstition, searching for light in the darkness. With all of our technological accomplishments, we still have no way of predicting exactly when an earthquake will occur. When they do, […]

WEBS chapter four ‘Bobby Lee’

BOBBY LEE •Tuesday, January 19th•      Bobby Lee drove toward the Haight past the tree lined swath of park known as the Panhandle. Although it no longer resembled the free love, psychedelic Haight-Ashbury of the 60’s, it was the only district of the city that still felt a little like home to him. The […]

WEBS ‘Ruth’ continued

‘Be careful what you want. You just might get it,’ her mother used to say. Ruth had wanted money and prestige and the stability that came with them but hadn’t realized how much she would have to sacrifice to have them. She loved Eric, as much as she could love anyone, but she was driven […]

WEBS chapter three ‘Ruth’

RUTH “Mr. Roger’s is here.” “Send him in,” Ruth McKinney instructed her assistant, hand cupped over the mouthpiece of her telephone. “Tom, I’ll call you back later. You too. Bye.” “Hey, babe,” her client greeted her, lowering his lean, six-foot-two frame into a chair. “How have you been, Bobby Lee?” “Up to my ass in […]