WEBS chapter three ‘Ruth’

RUTH “Mr. Roger’s is here.” “Send him in,” Ruth McKinney instructed her assistant, hand cupped over the mouthpiece of her telephone. “Tom, I’ll call you back later. You too. Bye.” “Hey, babe,” her client greeted her, lowering his lean, six-foot-two frame into a chair. “How have you been, Bobby Lee?” “Up to my ass in […]

WEBS chapter two ‘Eric’

ERIC      Eric rummaged through his laundry hamper to find a pair of black socks that didn’t smell too bad. As usual he was running late. He hadn’t been sleeping well for a week and was hitting the snooze button every morning. He could hear his neighbor’s six year old son racing his Hotwheels […]

WEBS chapter one continued

BARBARA continued Barbara hadn’t always been a ghost. Three years prior, she had been in love with her fiance, Aaron Weinsap. They had known each other in high school, years later bumping into one another at a Taco Bell. Unlike Barbara, Aaron had gone on to college and become a CPA. Transformed from a sullen, […]

WEBS a short story in ten parts by Cheryl Ernst Wells

WEBS for Katherine Roberts Perl and all the people of San Francisco BARBARA  •MONDAY, JANUARY 18TH• January in San Francisco is piercingly cold. At six in the morning the fog can be so thick you wouldn’t recognize your own mother from three feet away.      Barbara stood on the sidewalk, shifting from side to side […]

London And Amsterdam 2013

September 26  Another visit to the V&A. We spent a good deal of time in the 11th to 14th century mediaeval galleries. Glorious stained glass windows, miniature alters for travel made of gold and gems, one carved inside a walnut shell, huge tapestries from Belgium, their colors still vibrant. We spoke with a woman from […]

London And Amsterdam 2013

September 25 All day on trains.  Almost missed our connection in Brussels to the Eurostar back to London. Had to make a long, fast dash to the car up front and hurt my leg/knee. While the channel train is a marvel of engineering, they didn’t make them very comfortable. No room to stretch an already […]

London And Amsterdam 2013

September 23     We took the city tram to the Portuguese Synagogue and Jewish Museum. In order to survive the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal, many Sephardic Jews renounced Judaism and became Christians. Those who were discovered practicing Judaism secretly or refused to renounce were burned at the stake. Many survivors fled to Amsterdam, […]

London And Amsterdam 2013

September 21    Hermitage Museum Amsterdam, an extension of the Russian branch. The current exhibit focuses on the art of the Nabi group in Paris around 1900. Nabi is Hebrew for prophet. The group included Pierre Bonnard and Maurice Denis who were inspired by the color and effect of light in the work of Gaugin. […]

London And Amsterdam 2013

September 19   Stedelijk Museum. Wonderful! Began with rich, red-orange sunset over moored boats by Max Beckmann. Kandinsky’s large canvases of dancing designs and swaths of pure, bright colors invigorate. Mondrian’s brainteaser linear intersections and Max Pechstein’s figures in purple, green and fire red lightened my mood. Two large canvases by Chagall were a revelation […]

London And Amsterdam 2013

September 17 Eurostar Channel train to Brussels then connecting Thalys train to Amsterdam. Arrived at 4:00 p.m. to rain, dammit. Hotel Piet Hein where we stayed happily in 2009 has gone downhill a bit. No more are the days of breakfast included in the price. The walls are banged up, chipping paint and general state […]